Egyptology | Life Histories of Theban Tombs

Swiss Mission at Sheikh 'Abd el-Qurna

Project Staff

Project Directors
Susanne Bickel Egyptologist University of Basel
Frank Rühli Director of the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine University of Zurich
Project Coordination and Field Direction
Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs Egyptologist, Archaeologist Landscape archaeology, rock tomb construction, burial assemblages, funerary practices University of Basel
Archaeology and Archaeometry
Hossam ‘Abd el-Monem Geologist Sedimentology University of Tanta
Sayed Ahmed Conservation Assistant Qurna/Luxor
Daniel Arpagaus (see Project Administration)
Zulema Barahona Ceramologist Burial and domestic pottery from the Middle Bronze Age to recent times University of Basel
Lucía Días-Iglesias Egyptologist Philological and material studies of Book of the Dead papyri Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Madrid
Stéphane Fetler Egyptologist, Conservator Wooden and cartonnage body envelopes Université Libre de Bruxelles
Nesrin El-Hadidi Scientific Conservator Wood conservation University of Cairo
Rim Hamdy Archaeobotanist Ancient plant materials University of Cairo
Charlotte Hunkeler Egyptologist Wooden and cartonnage body envelopes University of Basel
Christiane Jacquat Bertossa Archaeobotanist University of Zurich
Matjaž Kačičnik Photographer Archaeological photography, photogrammetry of tomb architecture University of Basel
Rosemarie Klemm Geologically trained Egyptologist Geological assessment of rock proveniences Munich
Marcial Lopez Master of Stonemasonry Basel Münsterbauhütte
Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs (see Project Coordination and Field Direction)
Nadine Meier Egyptologist, Student of Textile Conservation Ancient textiles University of Basel/TH Köln
Hosny Mohamed Archaeological Assistant Luxor
Rainer Nutz Egyptologist Statistic projections of excavation volumes in ancient tomb construction and of tools’ wear University of Basel
‘Abd el-Hamid Osman Chief Excavator (Raīs) Qurna/Luxor
Erico Peintner Scientific Conservator Conservation; ancient technologies and materials University of Basel
Klaus Powroznik Archaeologist, Photographer Development of excavation methods, application of photogrammetric procedures in field archaeology University of Basel
Jacques Reinhard Basketry and Wickerwork Specialist Laténium Neuchâtel
Lukas Richner Archaeologist, Geomatician Excavation Direction University of Basel
Jacqueline Studer Archaeozoologist Université de Genève
Rouven Turck Archaeologist University of Zurich
André Veldmeijer Archaeologist, Paleontologist Cairo
Thomas Böni Orthopedist Orthopedic assessments on skeletons and mummies University of Zurich
Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin Anthropologist, Bioarchaeologist Osteological and paleopathological assessments on skeletons and mummies, histological & aDNA sampling, mummification practices University of Manchester
Frank Rühli (see Project Directors)
Roger Seiler Dentist, Paleopathologist Stomatological assessments on skeletons and mummies University of Zurich
Liliane Seiler Assistant Radiology University of Zurich
Computational Science
Stephan Unter Computer Scientist, Egyptologist Development of database structure and interface design; maintenance of integrative database system, preparation of database field use, processing of photogrammetric models University of Basel
Noémi Villars Egyptologist Database Thesauri, database responsible in the field, electronic recording of finds and analyses of archaeological mass data University of Basel
Epigraphy and Visual Studies
Susanne Bickel (see Project Directors)
Mahmoud Ibrahim (see Project Administration)
Antonio Loprieno Egyptologist Ancient Egyptian writing systems and visual studies University of Basel
Julianna Kitti Paksi Egyptologist, Linguist Epigrapher, philological and orthographic studies of tomb inscriptions University of Basel
Matthias Müller Egyptologist, Coptologist Epigrapher, philological study of Hieratic and Coptic text sources University of Basel
Marina Sartori Egyptologist PhD project: Visual Studies applied to Egyptian tomb wall paintings University of Basel
Ephraim Friedli Geodesist Geodetic and photogrammetric landscape and tomb mapping, 3D modeling ETH Zurich
Zan Gojcic Geodesist Geodetic and photogrammetric landscape and tomb mapping, 3D modeling ETH Zurich
Andreas Wieser Geodesist Director of geodetic team ETH Zurich
Rachael Colldeweih Geologist Litho-stratigraphy, rock mass behavior ETH Zurich
Andrea Wolter Geologist Rock slope instabilities, rock slope behavior ETH Zurich
Martin Ziegler Geologist Fracture formation, rock mass stresses and rock mass behavior ETH Zurich
Project Administration
Daniel Arpagaus Project Assistant Additional specialization: Ptolemaic epigraphy, archaeological surveying University of Basel
Mahmoud Ibrahim Project Consultant Additional specialization: Arabic manuscripts from the late 19th-20th Century University of Basel/Cairo
Stephan Freijo Student Assistant University of Basel
Charlotte Gieben Student Assistant University of Basel
Lara Kurmann Student Assistant University of Basel
Evelyne Marty Student Assistant University of Basel
Alina Zalunardo Student Assistant University of Basel
Scientific Illustration
Martina Aeschlimann-Langer Archaeological Illustrator Illustrations of archaeological artifacts and digital visualizations of tomb paintings University of Basel
Selina Bächli Scientific Illustrator Self-Employed
Oliver Bruderer Scientific Illustrator Illustrations of ancient tools and work processes Self-Employed
Niklaus Heeb Scientific Illustrator, Biologist Director of the Division Knowledge Visualization Zurich University of Arts

Project Partners