Egyptology | Life Histories of Theban Tombs

Swiss Mission at Sheikh 'Abd el-Qurna

Project Staff

Project Directors

  • Susanne Bickel, Egyptologist, University of Basel.
  • Frank Rühli, Director of the Institute of Evolutionary Medizine, University of Zurich.

Project Coordination & Field Direction

  • Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs, Egyptologist & archaeologist, University of Basel; specialization: landscape archaeology & rock tomb construction, burial assemblages & funerary practices.

Project Partners

Project Members


  • Thomas Böni, orthopedist, University of Zurich; specialization: orthopedic assessments on skeletons and mummies.
  • Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin, anthropologist, bioarchaeologist, University of Manchester; specialization: osteological and paleopathological assessments on skeletons and mummies, histological & aDNA sampling, mummification practices.
  • Frank Rühli (see Project Directors).
  • Roger Seiler, dentist, paleopathologist, University of Zurich; specialization: stomatological assessments on skeletons and mummies.
  • Liliane Seiler, assistant radiology, University of Zurich.

Archaeology & Archaeometry

  • Excavation Direction: Lukas Richner, archaeologist and geomatician, University of Basel.
  • Martina Aeschlimann-Langer, archaeological illustrator, University of Basel; specialization: illustrations of archaeological artifacts and digital visualizations of tomb paintings.
  • Daniel Arpagaus (see Project Administration).
  • Zulema Barahona, ceramologist, University of Basel; specialization: burial and domestic pottery from the Middle Bronze Age to recent times.
  • Oliver Bruderer, scientific illustrator, University of Basel; illustrations of ancient tools and work processes.
  • Sayed Ahmed, conservation assistant, Qurna/Luxor.
  • Charlotte Hunkeler, Egyptologist, University of Basel; specialization: wooden & cartonnage body envelopes.
  • Matjaž Kačičnik, photographer, University of Basel; specialization: archaeological photography, photogrammetry of tomb architecture.
  • Andrea Loprieno-Gnirs (see Coordination & Field Direction).
  • Nadine Meier, Egyptologist, student of textile conservation, University of Basel/TH Köln; specialization: ancient textiles.
  • Hosny Mohamed, archaeological assistant, Luxor.
  • ‘Abd el-Hamid Osman, chief excavator (Raīs), Qurna/Luxor.
  • Erico Peintner, scientific conservator, University of Basel, specialization: conservation; ancient technologies and materials.
  • Klaus Powroznik, archaeologist, photographer, University of Basel; specialization: development of excavation methods, application of photogrammetric procedures in field archaeology.
  • Rouven Turck, archaeologist, University of Zurich.

Computational Science

  • Stephan Unter, Egyptologist, computer scientist, University of Basel; specialization: development of database structure and interface design; maintenance of integrative database system, preparation of database field use, processing of photogrammetric models.
  • Noémi Villars, Egyptologist, University of Basel, specialization: database Thesauri, database responsible in the field, electronic recording of finds and analyses of archaeological mass data.

Epigraphy and Visual Studies

  • Susanne Bickel (see Project Directors).
  • Mahmoud Ibrahim (see Project Administration).
  • Julianna Kitti Paksi, Egyptologist, linguist, University of Basel; specialization: epigrapher, philological & orthographic studies of tomb inscriptions.
  • Matthias Müller, Egyptologist, Coptologist, University of Basel; epigrapher, philological study of Hieratic & Coptic text sources.
  • Marina Sartori, Egyptologist, University of Basel; PhD project: Visual Studies applied to Egyptian tomb wall paintings.


  • Ephraim Friedli, geodesist, ETH Zurich; specialization: geodetic & photogrammetric landscape and tomb mapping, 3D modeling.
  • Zan Gojcic, geodesist, ETH Zurich; specialization: geodetic & photogrammetric landscape and tomb mapping, 3D modeling, classifying and recognizing morphologic similarities between objects within point clouds.
  • Andreas Wieser, geodesist, ETH Zurich.


  • Rachael Colldeweih, geologist, ETH Zurich; specialization: litho-stratigraphy, rock mass behavior.
  • Andrea Wolter, geologist, ETH Zurich; specialization: rock slope instabilities, rock slope behavior.
  • Martin Ziegler, geologist, ETH Zurich; specialization: fracture formation, rock mass stresses and rock mass behavior.

Project Administration

  • Daniel Arpagaus, Project Assistant, University of Basel; additional specialization: Ptolemaic epigraphy, archaeological surveying.
  • Mahmoud Ibrahim, Project Consultant, University of Basel/Cairo; additional specialization: Arabic manuscripts from the late 19th-20th Century.
  • Stephan Freijo, Student Assistant, University of Basel.
  • Charlotte Gieben, Student Assistant, University of Basel.
  • Lara Kurmann, Student Assistant, University of Basel.
  • Evelyne Marty, Student Assistant, University of Basel.
  • Alina Zalunardo, Student Assistant, University of Basel.

Research Collaboration Partners

  • Hossam Abd el-Monem, geologist, University of Tanta; specialization: sedimentology.
  • Lucía Díaz-Iglesias, Egyptologist, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Madrid; specialization: philological & material studies of Book of the Dead papyri.
  • Stéphane Fetler, Egyptologist, conservator, Université Libre de Bruxelles; specialization: wooden & cartonnage body envelopes.
  • Nesrin El Hadidi, scientific conservator, University of Cairo; specialization: wood conservation.
  • Rim Hamdy, archeobotanist, University of Cairo; specialization: ancient plant materials.
  • Niklaus Heeb, Director of the Division Knowledge Visualization, Zurich University of the Arts.
  • Christiane Jacquat Bertossa, archeobotanist, University of Zurich; specialization: ancient plant materials.
  • Rosemarie Klemm, geologically trained Egyptologist, Munich; geological assessment of rock proveniences.
  • Antonio Loprieno, Egyptologist, University of Basel; specialization ancient Egyptian Writings Systems & Visual Studies.
  • Marcial Lopez, master of stonemasonry, Basel Münsterbauhütte.
  • Rainer Nutz, Egyptologist, University of Basel; specialization: statistic projections of excavation volumes in ancient tomb construction and of tools’ wear.
  • Jacques Reinhard, basketry and wickerwork specialist, Laténium Neuchâtel.
  • Jacqueline Studer, archaeozoologist, Université de Genève.
  • André Veldmeijer, archaeologist and palaeontologist, Cairo.